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Heeello, it's nice to see you here.
I'm second year student and you can call me Aggie.

Feel free to ask any question. I answer all messages privately.
90% of my posts are queued.

You won't find here any sims 4 posts

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Hello ^_^ I have a question to you. It’s not about sims, but I know you are very creative people :)

Does someone prepare lunch boxes at home to take them to school/work? Today I started my uni again, but before it started I decided to stop taking only sandwiches with me (I’m tired of eating them, it feels like I’m only eating sandwiches just not to waste them). Now I’m trying to get some more ideas for lunch boxes but it’s hard to choose anything because of sooo many great ideas on different sites.

My question is… What is/are your favourite lunch box food? Or what would you like to try?

Thaaank youu~ ^_^

Czytaj dalej

uni starts tommorow ;__________________;