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Heeello, it's nice to see you here.
I'm second year student and you can call me Aggie.
I mostly post gameplay, landscape and house design shots. I rarely post photoshoots nowadays.

Feel free to ask any question. I answer all messages privately (besides kind of chain messages).
90% of my posts are queued.

You won't find here any sims 4 posts

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Patty: I miss your wings a little.Rico: You do?Patty: Mhhm…Rico: Should I get them back?

happy 7th birthday computer ^_^

I’ve prepared a couple of new shots for Franklin’s save and I want to go back to the way of showing everything more as a story (just like at the very beginning). I don’t know if it’s a good idea but I’ll give it a try. Don’t expect anything special because my English sucks >.<


Czytaj dalej

I’m really tired of this type of weather. We have been struggling with high temperatures (more than 30°c every day, often around 34°c during the day and more than 20°c at night) for over 2 weeks already. Weather forecasts predict two colder days, tommorow and the day after tommorow (around 27°c) but after weekend, high temperatures will be back and will stay up to the second week of August.
Sorry for not using ‘read more’, I’m on phone, because computers are dying after 15 minutes in this heat.